Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Seraphim Falls

This movie is really sweet if you like Deadwood or any kind of old western movies. There are a lot of movies that are just about dudes shooting guns at each other. That is probably my favorite genre of movies besides Muscle Car. Seraphim Falls is set in post Civil War era United States of Kick Your Ass, back when dudes would shoot the shit out of you if you stole their horse. Pierce Brosnon did some fucked up shit back when he was a General for the Union so now he has to spend all day running away from Liam Nieson for like ever. The cinematography in Seraphim Falls is really amazing and makes me miss driving around Montana. This movie was shot in California. I’m really into the chasing parts and the thing that makes this movie so cool is how much running there is. I also got a total Spaghetti Western vibe from it too especially at the end where the two wounded and tired guys have their final showdown. This part only sucks cause Angelica Huston shows up for like a minute and sells them some bullets. That would never really happen so when I saw it in the theater I was like “Fuck this!” and this dude next to me explained that her character was more of a metaphor then anything else. It still bummed me out. The rest was super sweet.

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