Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Hurt Locker

It's been over two years since my last movie review. Kinda just chilled mostly during that time. Still hanging out now too. I got fired from my last job which ruled cause then I was on unemployment forever because they kept extending it and all cause everyone was broke like the "depression" was happening before. I've been depressed too before but my mom said that if I just worked out at the gym that would ease some of my thoughts running around up there in my brain. I don't like looking at myself in the mirror though when I'm fake running so that didn't work out. I made a sweet mix though to play on my headphones at the gym. It had your usual fitness rockers like BOC and Ted Nugent. It mostly just got played a lot in my Camaro though. I had the same Bumble Bee from the first Transformers. I just realized that this last part could have been confusing. I was depressed a long time ago. Not in the last 2 years. That's mostly just been anxiety. I have a Mazda now.

The Hurt Locker is a pretty rad concept movie about guys in Iraq. Mostly it revolves around this dude Jim I think was his name. His job is to stop bombs from blowing up. Immediately I was all like "Lame this whole movie is gonna be about bombs NOT blowing up" but then a bomb blew up and I chilled down. I went with my friend Zach to this. So anyway Jim is kinda like a cowboy running around blowing up or not blowing up bombs without even a helmet on and then the rest of his friends are always saying things like "Jim you gotta slow down" or "you're not gonna live to see 30" and Jim says some crap back that make sense but I didn't really care for this dialogue. The movie gets better later when there is this super sweet shootout between Jim and his friends and then the other guys are like terrorists. I was really on the edge of my seat for this part and wished that I had some Jack and Coke like I did when I saw the Watchmen. That would have been a much better review cause I didn't understand one fucking thing cause all I read are car magazines and comics are too dorky for me and it's just a guy flying around who can do anything but afford pants. Plus if I could do anything the first thing would be to make my wang bigger. Not in a way that people were all like "Oh Mr. Manhattan just has a big wang cause he can do anything." I'd be more interested in making my wang big enough so that people had to question it. Like was I born with a big dong or did I purposely make it that way? I would make it 16 inches.

Basically the Hurt Locker is a super intense and pretty smart movie. It's the best war movie I've seen cause they didn't have any fake shit, all the explosions and gun fights and everything seems really real. Zach and me we had to go get beers later cause the movie was so intense. That to me is a good sign of a film being made with some thoughts about what the viewer will want to do afterwards.